Our locally manufactured Envirotrike is designed to withstand the rigours of our South African environment


Trike Specifications

Features: The enviro trike is a three-wheeled single or dual speed bicycle with a rear basket for material collection. The unit’s specifications are as follows:

  • Frame - Heavy Duty Frame
  • Braking System – Front and reverse pedal braking system to ensure safe transit.
  • Wheels – Moped spoked wheels (heavy duty)
  • Basket Dimensions – 1000mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 750mm (H)

Extra can/bottle crusher Feature:

To further assist the collectors and ensure that they get as much recyclable material in one trip as possible:



We have attached a customised can / bottle crusher that reduces the volume of the material considerably – This helps increase carrying capacity and therefore ensures higher returns on material by weight. The options are based on targeted material.