Empowerment and Safety


We believe that by looking at areas often overlooked by many South Africans - that there is  the opportunity to help the less fortunate become self reliant and self sufficient by adopting and improving on recycling collection methods. We are enabling them to be part of a program whereby they are able to collect materials in a safer, quicker and more efficient way which in turn results in more income.


If you look at current methods and watch the video below - you will see that safety is clearly not part of the current collection agenda. With our Envirotrike and Envirocart range, We hope to make collection methods safer for all.

Why You Should Recycle!

The Earth’s resources are not infinite so we shouldn’t waste them. And, you know that sign that reads “Leave this place in the same condition as you’d like to find it”? Well, the same applies to the planet. You’d rather see your grandchildren running through piles of fallen autumn leaves than piles of discarded rubbish (wouldn’t you?). More specifically, the government wants to reduce the amount of plastic, cans, paper and glass going to landfills by 70 percent in the next decade or so. To meet that target, households need to stop simply throwing away rubbish and start implementing the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.


We Have Brakes - Front and Back Pedal...

We equip all of our envirotrikes with reflector tape for better night visibility.



As part of the program we will offer training to the collectors on the basics of keeping the trike in good working condition. We will reward collectors that look after their Envirotrikes / Envirocarts which in turn ensures that their work tool provides them with a sustainable method to collect material more efficiently.



The Envirotrike in designed to take an existing method of material collection and improve on it by increasing ease of collection and yield. This in turn contributes towards the upliftment of people by supporting both Eco systems - social and environmental.




We will endeavour to build a successful synergy between business and the people on the ground by creating a win win culture for both parties whilst cleaning up in the process!